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All of our doctors, nurses and embryologists are very highly trained in  the field of assisted reproduction. This ensures that we will always offer you the most cutting edge treatments and the highest standard of care.  Our practice is based on medical and scientific expertise, which continually informs our methods.

Achieving superior pregnancy rates

World-class medical team on staff and a caring environment

Providing affordable infertility treatment options

Safer IVF and healthier babies

Who we are?

Gynescope Specialist Hospital commenced operations on the 1st of April, 2010. It was like the proverbial mustard seed which has grown and blossomed over a relative short space of time. It is a centre born out of the desire to put smiles on the faces of infertile couples while not constituting a huge financial burden on them. Within a space of six years, over 1,189 babies have been delivered following IVF/ICSI treatment at Gynescope and by the grace of God it has remained one of the fastest growing IVF/ICSI centres in Nigeria. The centre is accredited to also carry out Minimal Access Surgery which some people call “pin hole” surgeries, such as Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. Through these procedures, fibroids; ovarian cysts; adhesion removal and many other advanced procedures can be carried out, obviating the need for unsightly scars, while being able to discharge the patient within 24 hours of surgery. The centre presently has several international recognitions over the years and was recently selected to represent West Africa at the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy taking place in Barcelona, Spain in May, 2017.


At Gynescope Specialist Hospital, we have exceptionally high pregnancy success rates. Below is the approximate 2016/17 clinical pregnancy rates (%) per fresh embryo transfer. (Jan 2016 – April 2017)

Age <35
35 - 37
38 - 40
41 - 42
43 - 44

Our History

Gynescope specialist Hospital is a highly specialized fertility and minimal access surgery unit in Nigeria. The idea was conceived as far back as 1999.

Our Aim

Our aim was to totally deviate from the usual practice of managing every category of patients in a relatively unhygienic environment. At Gynescope Hospital, we have created a homely atmosphere with a serene ambience. Our success rate matches any in the world and we are at the forefront of realizing the dream of IVF “with a human face”. We are striving to ensure that couples in all corners of the world can access the technology without it constituting a huge financial burden.

Championing Research

We are at present championing research aimed at improving IVF practice and success rates globally. Coordinating all these is Dr Jude Okohue, a vibrant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been involved in putting smiles on the faces of infertile couples in Nigeria for over 5 years. Dr Jude Okohue was trained at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Edo State, where he obtained his MBBS certificate. After his mandatory one year service to the Nation, he proceeded for his Residency training programme also at UBTH.

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