Ovum (Egg) Donation

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Ovum (Egg) Donation

For some women, because of age, disease or onset of ovarian failure, they are unable to produce fertilizable eggs thus reducing their chances of achieving pregnancy using their own genetic material. This group of women would usually have a healthy uterus, which might be ‘quiet’ as they might no longer be menstruating. Egg donation from a much younger woman offers a realistic chance of achieving conception. The process involves preparing the uterus of the recipient with hormonal drugs while stimulating the donor to produce eggs that are subsequently fertilized with sperms from the recipient’s husband. The resultant embryos are transferred to the uterus of the recipient.
Candidates for egg donation should meet one or more of the following criteria:

      • Menopause
      • Severe ovarian resistance to stimulation with fertility drugs
      • Repeated failure to fertilize using the woman’s own eggs
      • Absence of ovarian function due to surgery, radiation or chemotherapy
      • Presence of chromosomal or genetic disorders that have a likelihood of being transmitted to the offspring

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