Semen and Embryo Freezing

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Semen and Embryo Freezing

In this fertility preservation process, we aim to transfer a maximum of three embryos at a time. If excess high grade embryos are available, we can freeze them for future use. The chances of such embryos surviving freezing is only 60-70%, so we freeze only if two or more high grade embryos are available.

While the pregnancy rates following the transfer of frozen embryos are lower than that following fresh embryo transfer, the quality of babies born are the same with no increased risk of abnormality.
Some men might decide to freeze their semen because they would likely be away when the semen sample would be needed (such as men who work offshore). Others might have had difficulty with producing semen during a previous cycle while a few others might freeze their semen as a result of the effect, on sperm of the treatment they are about to undergo (such as cancer treatment). Not all sperm survive freezing, therefore treatment plan might have to be changed to ICSI from IVF if need be.


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