Donor Eggs

Egg Donor Program

Help a Family Create a Miracle

There are many rewards to being an egg donor. Knowing that you are helping others realize a dream is a wonderful feeling. You are making the miracle of a child possible! Whether or not you plan to have children of your own, being able to help another couple have a family is infinitely gratifying. If you already have children, then you can appreciate this gift even more.

When a couple finds out that they cannot have a child naturally, it can really come as quite a shock to them. In an age where medical technology is becoming more and more advanced, couples, as well as people are looking to make a positive difference in someone’s life by becoming an egg donor.

Many women decide to donate eggs after watching a friend or family member go through an experience with infertility. Becoming an egg donor allows you to make a priceless contribution to the lives of others.

If you are a healthy, active young woman under the age of 30, you are invited to contact us to see if you qualify for our donor program. Call Gynescope Specialist Hospital at 080-816-659-3030 during normal business hours to learn more, or fill out our inquiry form and we will contact you if there is a potential match with a recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for egg donation?

The follicles are stimulated by synthetic hormone therapy for a period of about two weeks following the first day of your period. Retrieval is done under anesthesia, and so is completely painless. Some women experience cramps or bloating afterward, but this resolves by itself.

What are the risks?

There are no known long-term effects on egg donation. There is a slight risk of hyperstimulation of the ovaries which causes a swollen feeling through the abdomen, but even when this happens, all symptoms recede within two weeks. Of course, there is an increased risk of pregnancy until your next period, since it’s possible that not all the eggs were retrieved.

What about confidentiality?

The entire process is “blind” for both donor and recipient, so you are not identified as the donor nor as the biological mother. Confidentiality and anonymity are strictly preserved.

What are the requirements?

Must be in good health and of childbearing age. A physical exam and blood tests are required.

The first thing to consider is that qualified egg donors should fall within the right age bracket. The age of the candidates usually ranges in their twenties.

Candidates interested in becoming an egg donor must fill out a detailed application, with questions about the woman’s physical appearance, education, heritage, and health history.

Once the initial application has been submitted we will contact you once a match has been met and a representative will discuss the process more in detail the next steps which may include having the woman tested both physically and mentally to make sure that her health is optimal.

Once the woman has successfully passed all applicable tests, the next stage is finalizing all the legal documents The documents usually include such information as to whether or not she wants certain information shared to the people who will be using her eggs, and agreements on her overall financial reimbursement.

For most donors, the benefits of the procedure far outweigh the risks. There is no evidence that egg donation has an impact on future fertility. Please speak to us about the compensation options for becoming a qualified egg donor.