Global Congress on Hysteroscopy (GCH)


Global Congress On Hysteroscopy (GCH 2017)

We are proud to announce the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy,
which will take place at the beautiful city of Barcelona on May 2017.
– It is very well known that in the last few years, Hysteroscopy has gone through many changes,
creation of new devices as well as the development of innovative techniques.
– This will be a unique opportunity to listen to the highest regarded professionals in the area of Hysteroscopy worldwide.
– This will be the moment to share knowledge and knowhow in order to improve in our day a day practice.

Dr. Jude Okohue, on behalf of Gynescope Specialist Hospital, has been selected to represent West Africa at the Global Congress on Hysteroscopy taking place in Barcelona, Spain in May, 2017.

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