Emmanuel Afolabi

//Emmanuel Afolabi

My husband and I met Dr. Jude for the first time on the 19th of May 2012. His passion to assist one to get the desired results was what endeared him to me. For him, it wasn’t about the money, but his passion and dedication came top on the list for me. He gave us advice and options to achieve our goal. Tests and procedures were carried out and at the end, we had our babies. We have been to some other Fertility clinics and  Gynescope is the best in my own opinion. Dr. Jude and his medical team will give you the best and make you feel loved. They put themselves in your shoes and go all out to help you achieve the desired results. Dr.Jude is too kind and so down to earth. The wife is so amazing. The nurses are the best I have seen so far. The cleaners and the security personnel are not left out.

I have introduced people to the clinic and just one trial they had their babies. Some twins and some triplets.

He will always say, “I have done my part, the rest is for God” He recognizes that there is God because he will always pray before transferring the embryo.

Their services are superb and relatively affordable.

I pray that God will continue to grant you and your team more knowledge and wisdom to carry on. May His grace and favour always abide with you.

It’s been a pleasure knowing you. No matter the time I call, you always pick my call or return the call later if you were busy. I remember there was a time you canceled a bill for us. Not many Doctors will do that.

God will continue to bless you and your medical team. He will continue to use you to bless Couples and put smiles on their faces.

When I look at my bundles of joy, I give God Glory

Emmanuel Afolabi